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VDS Komplet


While we had been testing rings produced by other European competitors, we carefully looked at all possible failures and inconveniences. All implemented solutions are thoughtful and carefully tested.

The system is made from technical plastic with the addition of appropriate pigments. Thanks to this we were able to reduce friction resistance between rings. Destruction testing has been carried out under normal service conditions resulting in practically zero level ring failure. The sealing face o-rings between rings are made from silicon that positively affects the tightness of the system and decreases friction factors.

In the face surface between rings we put three stoppers (locking pins) that retain the correct position while the system is locked.

We have successfully tested the system on both tapered and bottled cuffs, which confirms its versatility of use.

VDS sizing

Sizes and diameters

We offer four sizes of rings of different internal diameters:

Following customer demand we can produce rings in every colour, however, black rings are offered as standard.

Instrukcja montażu


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